Thursday, January 20, 2011

Getting to know us: Cheri

Who am I? I have been struggling to figure this out for the last three and a half years. Since I was about 7 years old I wanted to be a teacher, then was studying to be a teacher, and finally I was a teacher. After my daughter was born I left teaching to be a mom and struggle find my identity again. Now I have come to realize it's because I am no longer just a teacher. I am now a teacher, a wife, a mom, a chef, a maid, a chauffeur, an event coordinator, and so much more Some days I miss being just a teacher, but really I won't trade it for the world. I taught special education and kindergarten and now get to be a part time stay at home mom and part time barista serving people their morning coffee before my loving husband starts his day. This allows me to be home with my beautiful girls (3 and 1 month) most of the time. We live in the wonderful rocky mountains and try to enjoy the beautiful world God has created around us any chance we get. So, come on over and enjoy a latte or a hike.

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