Monday, February 14, 2011

Games with Younger Children: Mancala

I was organizing the other day (an actual love of mine, yes, I have a problem!) and all of our non-kid games were giving me the sad eyes.  They were longing to get out and get played with.  Because our children aren't going to be really ready to use them for a long time, there isn't much chance they will come out anytime soon.  Soo, I decided instead of playing them the real way, we were going to need to do some modifications.  

I got out Mancala and decided it could become an organizing game instead.  The girls organized the little pieces by color.  They loved it.  Then, I asked them how we should play and they came up with other games.

If you haven't played it in awhile, there are really small pieces, so you will only want to get this out if you have bigger, small children! 

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